BEDNARZ Ventures

BEDNARZ Ventures offers comprehensive services to investors such as Venture Capital funds and business angels, as well as to startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our vision is to create an environment where they can work together harmoniously in a single room at every stage of their growing business.

BEDNARZ Ventures is involved in:

1. Venture Building: Verifying founders’ business ideas, supporting project entry into the market (route-to-market), and developing and structuring activities in the pre-seed and seed phases.

2. Business Support after Investment: Professionalizing startup processes, including management reporting, recruitment, and establishing relationships with investors.

3. Assisting in M&A Transactions: Sourcing and screening startups, analyzing business models, cost structures, key business indicators (KPIs), and providing full legal support throughout the process.

4. Founder Assistance: Partner selection, project testing using no/low-code methodologies, business structuring prior to investment, provision of legal, marketing, and HR services (Competence Center), creation of investment documentation, and support in investor acquisition.

5. Investing BEDNARZ brand founders’ resources in exciting business ideas.

BEDNARZ Ventures is a joint venture between Patryk and Mateusz Bednarz. Feel free to contact us.

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