Areas of practice

  • M&A

    We are assisting Clients on each stage of the mergers and acquisitions transactions, i.e. on:

    • preparing and negotiating of a non-disclosure agreement;
    • preparing and negotiating of an exclusivity agreement;
    • performing the due diligence;
    • structuring transactions as a result of due diligence;
    • preparation and negotiations of a share purchase agreements/investment agreements/shareholders’ agreements/agreements regarding the sale or a transfer of an enterprise;
    • coordinating and preparing of the transaction signing/closing.

    We believe that the key to a successful transaction process is a good organization, experience, coordination, and high responsiveness. As experienced lawyers (with more than 30 successful transactions over a dozen years) and as people who understand the business, such circumstances are our natural habitat, and we are able to support you.

    We are also cooperating with experienced tax advisors who can support a Client at every stage of the transaction by recommending the tax structure.

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  • Capital markets

    We have over 12 years of experience in providing services to public-listed companies. We have repeatedly provided companies with advice concerning introducing shares to the stock exchange (including foreign regulated markets). We are assisting in the preparation of the corporate governance of listed companies (e.g. already at the stage of transformation into a joint-stock company or limited joint-stock partnership). We are assisting in drawing up prospectuses (we have advised on more than 10 initial and secondary offerings (IPO and SPO), as well as on bond offerings). We have also provided assistance regarding the processes of the delisting of companies, as well as in mergers and acquisitions of the public-listed companies (including by tender offers).

    We are advising on disclosure obligations (including inside information), remuneration policies, stock market compliance, as well as the creation of tailor-made incentive schemes. We are conducting training for our Clients regularly (mainly managers), having the pandemic and related restrictions in regard.

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  • Energy law

    We are assisting Clients at each stage of the energy projects, including in particular wind farms and solar farms projects, i.e.

    • preparing/performing of the due diligence;
    • structuring transactions as a result of the due diligence, including corporate law issues;
    • preparation and negotiations of the development agreements;
    • coordinating and preparing of the development processes.

    We are also cooperating with experienced tax advisors who can support a Client at every stage of the investment by recommending the relevant tax structure.

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  • Compliance

    We advise our Clients in the area of broadly defined compliance. We help to understand the intricacies of, among others, AML or KYC. We have trained our Clients concerning this area, and we are also up to date with legal modifications. We examine the patterns concerning the internal regulations and, in this respect, we analyze the law and recommend changes to our Clients.

    We are preparing procedures comprehensively, we do cooperate with GDPR specialists. We are advising on the Polish Financial Supervision Authority proceedings (KNF), helping to effectively launch the product on the market. We can also advise public-listed companies regarding the compliance, we have conducted trainings in this area many times.

    Multidisciplinary and extensive experience helps us to understand the needs of a Client.

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  • Ongoing services

    We are supporting Clients daily, at every stage - from the establishment of the company through its efficient operating and further development. We provide unlimited scope of comprehensive legal services. We help management boards and entrepreneurs to effectively reduce risk and manage liability. We follow the legal amendments and, knowing our Clients' businesses, we are able to anticipate the legal effects of legal modifications in their business accordingly. What is important, we are entrepreneurs ourselves, so our Clients' challenges are also our challenges. This allows us to better react to them.   If there is an area where we could use support (we admit that we are not specialists in every area), the Client is not left on their own – we are providing additional competences by creating interdisciplinary teams.

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We have completed over 50 corporate projects,
as well as equity transactions

Story Ventures

"BEDNARZ helped us make our first investment in Poland. We can definitely say that Mateusz is a reliable and very professional lawyer.”

Brian Yormak, Jake Yormak, Founders, Story Ventures


“Bednarz support and advice are always invaluable. We greatly appreciate Mateusz's work and consider him an extremely reliable and competent lawyer.”

Beata Zdanowicz, Owner, Vini

Kifato MK

“BEDNARZ reacts quickly and dynamically, especially to solve problems related to running a business.”

Piotr Podworski, Chairman of the Board, Kifato MK

CMT Advisory

“I worked with Mateusz Bednarz on the share sale transaction. Although Mateusz worked on the other side of the transaction, he was able to cooperate in a very constructive way and he was very keen to close the transaction in a formula beneficial to his client.”

Paweł Łągwa, Partner, CMT Advisory


“Mateusz Bednarz is an efficient and business lawyer with extensive negotiation experience.”

Wojciech Zatorski, Member of the Board, Neontri


“I know Mateusz both as a business lawyer, but also as a sportsman. I can highly recommend Bednarz as an extremely professional attorney who puts the client's best interest first."

Patryk Sobczyk, Manager, Brenntag

Pilarz Capital

“Mateusz Bednarz is a concrete and reliable business lawyer. I can strongly recommend Bednarz.”

Andrzej Pilarz, President, Pilarz Capital

Resource Partners

“Mateusz is a great negotiation lawyer with a 360-degree view. Reliable and concrete.”

Wojciech Pociecha, Investment Director, Resource Partners


"Mateusz is a business lawyer with an extremely good feeling for stock market issues. He is perfectly capable of finding himself in the meanders of stock exchange regulations and at the same timetaking into account the client's business".

Tomasz Gwizda, Member of the Board of Directors, ERG

PBS Finanse

"Mateusz Bednarz is a very good lawyer who understands business conditions. At the same time, he can always be counted on, takes the client seriously and is extremely responsive".

Dariusz Blicharz, Chairman of the board of Directors 2020-2021, PBS Finanse

Innogy Polska

“Mateusz is a very good transactional lawyer, he represented us in a complex branch transaction. I can absolutely recommend him as a business lawyer.”

Artur Stawiarski, Head of M&A, Innogy Polska

Cisco Systems

"Mateusz is a business lawyer worth working with. He has extensive professional experience and down-to-earth approach."

Marcin Tuczko, Manager, Cisco Systems

Raiffeisen Bank

"I have known Mateusz for a long time. I can recommend him as a very professional, hands-on lawyer who always puts the client first."

Michał Wetoszka, Senior Banker, Raiffeisen Bank

Manpower Group Polska

“I have known Mateusz for years. He is a reliable and dedicated lawyer. He has been responsive to a model like ours and the necessity to respond quickly to current demand is an extremely important feature.”

Olga Gierada-Jabłonka, Head of Legal, Manpower Group Polska


"Mateusz and his team created complimentary procedures for the company. Professional, responsive, reliable, with great regulatory knowledge. I can confidently recommend Mateusz as a business lawyer."

Jakub Kapica, Head of Legal, XTPL

DM Erste

“I have known Mateusz for 7 years. I can affirm that he is a person with full knowledge of the current legislation, able to perfectly combine his legal skills with his negotiating skills.”

Witold Bartosiewicz, Head of Compliance, DM Erste

TDI Wind and Energy

“We consulted Mateusz Bednarz as a business lawyer for our investments in Poland. We consider him an extremely professional, down-to-earth and competent lawyer.”

Tsvika Hendler, CEO, TDI Wind and Energy

Velvet Care

"Mateusz Bednarz represented the company in the transaction of the Abris fund entering the company. He showed exceptional perseverance and represented us very reliably."

Marcin Grabowski, Member of the Board, Velvet Care

+48 601 664 111